Barrie J Davies

Banana Sticker

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Banana Sticker by Barrie J Davies - Limited edition street art sticker. 7cm x 10cm.

If you like stickers as much as me, this is great for sticking on lampposts, park benches, laptops, toasters, books and fridges. 

👋 Hello my name is Barrie J Davies and I'm an Artist based in Brighton, UK. The artwork I make is a fusion of pop art, graffiti art, street art and contemporary urban art. The work is a mix of paintings on canvas, limited edition pop art prints and sculpture. The materials I use include acrylic paint, household paints, spray paint, glitter, screen printing, stencils, markers, mixed media collages of comic books, posters and found objects.

📦 Free delivery worldwide on all stickers. 

🙌 Also if you buy this sticker I would love to see how you display it in your home (or possibly somewhere else). Why not share it on your social media using the hashtag of #barriejdavies or tag me in @barriejdavies

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