Work in progress in the studio in Brighton

Studio in Brighton

Here is my latest progress in my Brighton Artist studio in the lanes.

Work in progress in the studio in Brighton

I've been doing a series of new silkscreen prints for the happy lady series as well as playing around with lots of different backgrounds and different ways of layering up the paint.

The Happy lady series is basically a lollipop lady whose face has been transformed into a rave or acid smiley face. I'm also working on a print of Mrs Doyle from the famous TV series Father Ted this print is called "you will" from her famous catchphrase.

This latest work will soon be available on my website to buy, I just want to perfect the images and the background to the layers of the prints. The materials that are been using the studio to make these prints are silk screen printing, acrylic paint, spray paint and marker pens.

I hope you like these prints they make you smile!






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