Street Graffiti Art Prints

Street Graffiti Art Prints

its a Tuesday and I am creating new street graffiti art prints. The backgrounds are made of lots of layers of paint and multiple screen print layers. 

The street graffiti art prints In want to create emulate that feeling from urban environment.

Watch this video to see may latest work in progress in the studio.


If you have any questions please do get in contact.

Graffiti (both single and plural) and the uncommon singular form "graffito" are both derived from the Italian word "graffiato" ("scratched"). In art history, the term "graffiti" refers to works created by scratching a design into a surface. Scratching through one layer of colour to reveal another behind it is referred to as "sgraffito." Potters employed this method to scratch a pattern into their works after glazing them. Graffiti was etched on walls with a sharp tool in ancient times, however chalk or coal were also employed on occasion. The term v—graphein, which means "to write," comes from Greek.


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