Street Style Art Prints

Street Style Art Prints

Back in the studio and I am work on some street style art prints in the form of my new Wild style print. Hope you all like it!

This print is based on the old school Krylon Spray Can.  

Street art as a movement 

One of the key distinctions now is the messaging, which has moved from rebellious graffiti to a more commercial form of art. Through making its aim more obvious than graffiti, street art is frequently intended to stimulate thought rather than rejection among the general public. Permission has also become a hot topic in the world of street art, as graffiti is normally done without permission, but street art can also be the result of a collaboration or even a commission. It differs from typical art displayed in public settings, however, in that it makes intentional use of that location throughout the conceptual phase.

This first of these wild style prints are now available to buy on my website.

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